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BBQ Seitan Sandwich with Dilled Yogurt Slaw

dec1_2013 010Remember that lonely little hunk of seitan you have leftover from the Homemade Seitan Pot Pie you made? Here’s a delicious way to use it up and satisfy any BBQ cravings you may be suffering!

This recipe came together quickly for an incredibly satisfying lunch. Normally I don’t like slaw on my BBQ, but in this case, having  a bit of crunchy, cool veg with a bit of a dill kick really helped pull everything together.

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Go Meatless and Save Money: 9 Essential Vegetarian + Vegan Cookbooks

Mango Eggplant Lentil SaladOne of the best reasons in the world to go meatless at least one day a week is because it saves you so much money! Meat prices seem to have sky-rocketed lately… and if you want to eat organic, local, grass-fed, or the like – you’re paying  a pretty penny for the privilege of noshing on animal protein.

I am a firm believer that everyone has to figure out how their body wants to eat. We aren’t all made the same, and I do not advocate for a one-size-fits all diet. So I suggest going meatless now and then more as a money-saving, Earth-stewardship, eco-friendly, mindful-consumption sort of option. It just makes common sense – on multiple fronts – and with the right tools can be entirely painless… one might even say surprisingly enjoyable.

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Chipotle Chili-Crusted Cornmeal Tofu with Parsley Pesto (and Spicy Sour Cream) + Dill Tomato-Corn Saute

Chipotle Chili-Crusted Tofu with Parsley Pesto (and Spicy Sour Cream)One of my favorite cookbooks lately has been Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. This tofu preparation was slightly adapted from a recipe in the book… and deciding to pair it with everything that follows was a matter of seasonal timing.

Our parsley went gangbusters this year… we’re talking mega-weed proportions. And, as I am not a big lover of parsley-for-its-own-sake, I was desperate to find some use for it. I had always wondered what kind of pesto it might yield, and after poking around a bit, I found plenty of proof that others had already successfully blazed that path.

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