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Homemade Slow-Cooker Chex Mix Recipe (just in time for the holidays!)

Slow Cooker Chex MixI have this little addiction to chex mix. I blame my mother. She makes the most glorious, amazing chex mix in the world. My husband is now hooked as well… with our daughter close behind.

And, like many things that come from my childhood, part of the magic of the chex mix is that someone else makes it for me. It is a gift. A special treat. Something that only happens once a year (we get a big batch at Christmas) – so that we can savor it fully and then pine after it for another 11 months.

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Upcycled Furniture: Found Dresser Converted to Living Room Plant Stand

Upcycled Plant Stand + StorageLast year, my husband and I decided to venture into the world of fruit. Growing our own fruit. And so we expanded our garden outside by adding strawberry plants, raspberry canes, blueberry bushes, and both apple and apricot trees. (Which will all yield many future posts, I’m sure, as they begin fruiting!)

Inside, we decided to try some citrus trees that we could keep in containers; we opted for lemon, lime, and calamondin orange. (We live in zone 5b, so containers are our best option.) We’ve got a large bay window in the living room and figured the plants would fare well there during the winter, as it’s one of the only spots to get direct sunlight.

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BBQ Seitan Sandwich with Dilled Yogurt Slaw

dec1_2013 010Remember that lonely little hunk of seitan you have leftover from the Homemade Seitan Pot Pie you made? Here’s a delicious way to use it up and satisfy any BBQ cravings you may be suffering!

This recipe came together quickly for an incredibly satisfying lunch. Normally I don’t like slaw on my BBQ, but in this case, having  a bit of crunchy, cool veg with a bit of a dill kick really helped pull everything together.

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An Interview with (the amazing) Brandy Parker of

Brandy ParkerOne of my local heroes and sources of inspiration is Brandy Parker, creator of Pastoralist – a beautiful site dedicated to the concept of self-sufficiency. Brandy graciously granted me an interview – and I’m truly excited to share her insights, honesty, and goings-on with you this week!

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How to Make Your Own Soap: All-Natural Castile Olive Oil Bar Soap Recipe

dec1_2013 005I never – and I do mean never – expected I would be making my own soap. I always assumed the ingredients were too caustic, the process too difficult, and the whole shebang just too darn hard.

Thankfully, I was quite wrong.

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Delicious Homemade Seitan Pot Pie

Homemade Seitan Pot PieOddly enough, chicken pot pie was one of the dishes I missed terribly once I became a vegetarian. For a long time, I made an all-veggie pot pie, which was perfectly lovely and super delicious… but I missed the “meat” aspect and still felt like, ultimately, something was missing.

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DIY Lavender-Rosemary Laundry Detergent (How to Make an Effective All-Natural Laundry Powder)

120513 029Ah, laundry. Probably even more difficult to crack than the dishwasher detergent, personal care products, or food has been the detoxification of our laundry detergent.

For a long time I used the “green” products found readily in the grocery store, though with a bit of research, it became clear who was greenwashing and who was not… and all for a very pretty penny. (Those “natural,” store-bought solutions never come cheap!)

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