How to Save a Turkey for Thanksgiving

Adopt A TurkeyRecently, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had adopted a turkey. Intrigued, I followed the link and stumbled upon something that will now be a Thanksgiving tradition in our household.

Farm Sanctuary, with three locations nationwide, runs an “Adopt a Turkey” program every year to enable people to sponsor turkeys in the organization’s shelters. You get a certificate of adoption, info about your turkey, and all manner of fuzzy feelings in return.

We chose to adopt Minerva, who was rescued back in 2012 and apparently “loves to be the center of attention.” Our daughter liked her coloring and her eyes – thus the choice that she would be our turkey this year.

We’ve planned an entirely vegetarian meal. It’s the first year our daughter has chosen to go meat-free (she’s 7) – solely because she has developed such a love of birds she no longer wants to eat chicken, turkey, or anything else with wings.

Whatever you may choose to do this year, hopefully you’ll consider sponsoring a bird. Either it’s a way to celebrate your vegetarian/vegan lifestyle – or it’s a way to honor the holiday and do something fun and loving (and green!). Win-win all the way.

Happy holidays. Hope they are safe, peaceful, healthy, and filled with joy!


2 responses to “How to Save a Turkey for Thanksgiving

  1. Minerva is my favorite!! Thanks for spreading the word about this great initiative.

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