august_13 102Hello and welcome to Do It Now + Green. Somehow you found yourself here (which is awesome!), and you’ve probably got good reason for landing in this spot.

Maybe you’re worried about money, or your food choices. Maybe you dream of casting off your sub/urban lifestyle and running away to the wilds of Wisconsin to start your own mini farm. Maybe you want to revamp your living environment or try something totally radical… like geothermal heating and cooling, hydroponics in your basement, homemade biodiesel fuel, backyard chickens, and the like. Or maybe you’re just sick of the clutter and eager to save some green while going more green. (Win-win, right?)

If so, this blog is for you. It’s all about diving in, trying a few things, and seeing what you think. What works for you? What’s sustainable for you? How do you choose to be responsible to others? What resonates for you or feels like that “ah ha” moment you’ve been waiting for? (And what holds you back?)

There are so many things I refuse to do out of fear. Or avoid in favor of the siren call of inertia. I was afraid of canning until I canned and realized it’s not that hard. I was hesitant to start using homemade, non-toxic cleaners until I finally used them and found they worked just as well (if not better) than the storebought craziness all laced with chemicals.

My guess is: I’m not alone. I’ll bet there are plenty of folks out there in the exact same boat. Inundated with information on how to go green, live more sustainably, and simplify their lives. Except that until you try it, it doesn’t seem very simple at all. It seems like an unknown and potentially failure-ridden path to trod. And sometimes inaction is just… easier.

Do It Now + Green aims to dispel some myths, share some truths, and above all be honest about the process of making changes to one’s daily habits—both from our personal perspective and through the eyes of others tackling this topic from multiple angles.

So here you go. I am your cheerleader and biggest advocate all rolled into one. Stop hesitating, and start doing. Even if it’s one tiny little thing. It makes a difference! Pick the one that scares you the most and do it. Try something you thought you could never do (homemade toothpaste, cheese from scratch, a handbuilt table) and see what happens. No matter how it turns out, you’ll have learned something valuable.

If you’ve been wanting to make a change, ramp up your efforts, or pick the brains of like-minded people, then consider us your new DIY best friend.

Share your bright ideas—and feel free to borrow, alter, or tout anything you see here!


4 responses to “Welcome!

  1. G—I love your new blog. I also passed it on to a few colleagues. If you ever get a chance and are in the North East (I am about an hour southwest of boston) you should come visit. I think you would LOVE the counseling program we have here.

    • Thank you, Amanda! Both for the encouragement and the support. 😉 We will definitely be out in Boston at some point to visit Andy’s family. I’ll be sure to connect up with you so we can see each other. So glad you are enjoying where you are! xoxoxo

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